EDA Webinar Webinar Wednesday 28th June 17:00 CET -> Cognition And Severity Of Delirium; Is There A Link?

The European Delirium Association is inviting you to attend a webinar on
 „Cognition And Severity Of Delirium; Is There A Link?“ on Wednesday 28th June at 17:00 CET / that’s next week!

The Webinar Program is:

Welcome and introduction- Dr. Mark van den Boogaard (The Netherlands)
Differences in long-term outcomes between ICU patients with persistent delirium, non-persistent delirium and no delirium: A longitudinal cohort study – Rens Kooken, MSc (The Netherlands)
Extremes of baseline cognitive function determine the severity of delirium: a population study – Dr. Alex Tsui (United Kingdom)
Discussion- Rens Kooken and Dr. Alex Tsui
Closing- Dr. Mark van den Boogaard

This webinar uses Zoom as its platform – the client installation should proceed quasi-automatically (albeit most will have it installed…). 

The link for joining is: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87001586543?pwd=YXBwemgxaFZRaC9EMHV6aHF5OC8rdz09

Please feel free to forward this message to interested colleagues. 

Sincerely, on behalf of the Executive Committee, 

Leiv Otto Watne
President, European Delirium Association